Research Software Group

This is the Research Software Group at the School of Computer Science of the University of St Andrews.



The Research Software Group is focussed on interdisciplinary computational research and development of underpinning research software, training in scientific computing, and studies in research software aspects.

The remit of the group is:

  • taking part in computational research projects carried out at the University at all stages of the research cycle (funding application; development and maintenance of research software; producing and publishing research outputs).
  • providing training through Software & Data Carpentry workshops and also through individual tutoring and mentoring, and promoting cross-disciplinary collaborative research culture underpinned by best practice in software engineering and data management.
  • conducting studies of the software development practices in academia, and campaigning for the recognition of the RSE role in academia, as well as taking part in other policymaking initiatives, seeking to engage with other stakeholders in the public sector and industry.